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We are the eager problem solvers of the business. It is our job to implement efficient and scalable solutions, whilst focussing on simplicity and elegance. For us it’s not a job – it’s what we love. Try and test. Learn and adapt. That’s how we do things. We’re on a mission of continuous improvement, always striving to keep our products and systems at the forefront of the industry.

We’ve built software that allows for high frequency betting, competing with some of the biggest financial systems in the world. Whether it’s product development, delivery processes, or reporting systems – we never stop learning and innovating and always ensure we have the best tool for the job. Efficiency is how we define success – and the average response time of the sites is just 100 milliseconds. We’re a team of knowledge sharers and collaborators, working in an agile and fast-paced environment. A 24/7 operation specialising in cutting edge technologies, where the possibilities for expansion are limitless. We encourage and support learning, growth and innovation. From global conferences and courses to weekly idea sharing get-togethers, we love to talk about and try new things.

We take an enterprise-wide approach to our projects, spanning across all aspects of the business. From the implementation of new technologies to the initiation of new functions that create competitive advantage and promote best practice, our benchmark is efficiency. Our team of Business Analysts, Account Managers and Project Managers consult across the business to ensure all angles are covered, all possibilities accounted for and all expectations managed.

With stakeholder management as a priority, you’ll need a balanced, analytical mind that can get the best out of teams and communicate clearly with the business. Think you’ve got what it takes to join us?